Iron Fist Extractors

Rule You Extraction Business With An Iron Fist

Do you run a cannabis or hemp extraction business? If yes, you must have realized the importance of using high-grade equipment. Having the right equipment is imperative to giving your customers quality products. The global cannabis industry is estimated to hit $66.3 billion by 2020. The global industrial hemp industry is estimated to hit $10.6 billion by 2025. Having quality equipment gives you the proper stability and advantge for the market.

Iron Fist Extractors is at the forefront of creating cannabis and hemp extraction equipment products. With the manufacture of sophisticated systems for the extraction of cannabis and hemp, Iron Fist Extractors is a global force in the cannabis and hemp industries.

About Iron Fist Extractors

Iron Fist Extractors is a US-based manufacturer for hydrocarbon extraction systems used for cannabis and hemp. The Iron Fist EX series extractors use butane and propane solvents to extract oils from plant matter. This process is known as hydrocarbon extraction, which produces highly concentrated extracts cannabis or hemp oil, wax, shatter, and glass among other products.

Iron Fist Extractors uses 100% American made stainless steel to produce extraction systems. Instead of going for cheap inputs, Iron Fist Extractors puts quality ahead of anything else.

Iron Fist Extractors Products

Iron Fist Extractors specializes in the production of premium grade extractors. Industrial grade extraction equipment provides a safe environment for the extraction of cannabis and hemp. Below are the main Iron Fist Extraction systems:

Iron Fist EX-10

This is the most straightforward Iron Fist’s extraction system. It comprises of a 10 lb non-jacketed material column, 30 lb solvent vessel, one collection vessel, separator, two chillers, recovery pump, heater, and a post-injection coil.

This closed-loop system is used to extract hemp and cannabis concentrates using butane/propane solvents. A series of stainless steel vessels combine the plant material with the solvent then separate the solvent from the final product.

Iron Fist EX-20

This extraction system is larger than the EX-10. It has a 20lb configuration with one solvent vessel, four material vessels, a dewax column, one collection vessel, Polyscience chiller and heater units, and two Haskel pumps. It has a maximum pressure rating of 250 PSI and a temperature range or -30 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Iron Fist EX-40

With a 40 lb capacity, this extraction system features a 120lb jacket solvent tank, four, 10lb jacketed material columns and dewax columns, one heater, three chillers, two recovery pumps, pre and post-injection coils, nitrogen injection cooling coil, and two separators.

If you operate a medium extraction business, this system might be useful for you. It offers a large capacity ideal for a medium-sized enterprise.

Iron Fist EX-80

If you are going all-out with your extraction business, this is the best system you can go for. It has many components, including two solvent vessels, eight material vessels, and two collection vessels. It’s suitable for extensive extraction due to its large capacity.

If you are in these states, you can purchase and use these extraction systems without any regulations;

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • California

In the above states, these systems have been certified after meeting all regulatory requirements.

How Do Iron Fist Extractors Work?

These systems are not as simple as they appear. They require high-skill rather than operation by fly-by-night amateurs. First of all, the operator has to be conversant with operating the operation systems.

An improper operation might result in fatal damages and loss of property. These systems should be operated in an industrial setting. A comprehensive engineering report highlights the different parameters under which these systems operate for maximum outputs.

The general extraction procedure involves using a pump to remove the air out of the collection and material vessels to create a vacuum. After this, the solvent tank’s output valve is opened while the material vessel’s output valve is closed. This enables the solvent to mix with the trim being processed.

When the transfer is complete, the output valve on the solvent tank is closed. After the stipulated time, the material vessel’s input valve is closed whole the output is opened. After transfer to the collection vessel is complete, the input valve is closed. The recovery pump transfers vaporized solvent gas to the solvent tank. The valve on the bottom of the collection vessel is opened to drain the extract to an external container, and the cycle is complete. The vaporized solvent gas is cooled at the solvent tank to form another liquid solvent for a repeat process.

This is the most straightforward extraction procedure on the Iron Fist Ex-10. Provided close monitoring is done, the systems provide quality concentrates.

Why Iron Fist is Your Ultimate Partner for Hydrocarbon Extractors

An Iron Fist Extractor is an ideal option is you are looking for the best extraction systems. First of all, you can order a custom system that fits your business requirements. Secondly, Iron Fist collaborated with leaders in the cannabis industry for financing and leasing options. Since these systems might be on the higher end in terms of prices, your business can benefit from leasing and financing.