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TruSteel | AUTOVAP™ 100 | Falling Film Evaporator

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An industrial scale step up from previous generations, the AutoVap 100 adds heat recovery in the form a Patent Pending condensing preheating system. Utilizing hot solvent vapor to preheat the feed liquid cuts down on heating costs, and subsequently utilizes cold feed solution (any temperature from 30C down to -60C) to condense the hot solvent vapor, reducing the load on your cooling system. The combined savings is roughly 84,000 BTUs!

Built with ASME listed, domestically sourced components the AutoVap 100 can also be upgraded to BPE SF1 or even SF4 finish standards for the most strict GMP operational environments such as pharmaceutical industries.

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With a recovery rate of up to 100 gallons per hour, and continuous, automated operation, the AV100 recovers 95%+ solvent in one pass.

Lower your footprint, costs, and time of operation while eliminating any bottlenecks with the AutoVap. Find out why all the leaders in the extraction industry are turning to TruSteel.

  • UP TO 100 US GAL/HR* | (378 LITERS) Per Hour Recovery
  • COMPLETE AUTOMATION | Easy to Read Display
  • 95-99% SOLVENT RECOVERY | Precise Parameters/Control
  • LOW RESIDENCE TIME | Less than 3 Minutes
  • C1D2 COMPLIANT | Hazloc Motors & Intrinsically Safe HMI
  • PEER ENGINEER REVIEWED | Streamlined Safety Approval Process
  • UL 508B COMPLIANT | US & Canada
  • MADE IN USA | Highest Standard of Quality & Testing