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Iron Fist Extractors Custom Extractor or Extraction Equipment | Customized Hydrocarbon Extraction Closed Loop Systems

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Iron Fist Extractors is the ONLY extraction fabrication shop that can build you a customized extraction system to fit your Standard Operating Procedure. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Some of our past custom extraction equipment includes: 

  • Custom Extraction Systems Ranging from 2 to 100 LB Material Processing Capacity
  • Falling Film evaporators
  • ASME and Non-ASME Vessels
  • Hydrocarbon/ Nitrogen Separation Columns
  • Reaction Chambers
  • Solventless Extraction Washing Systems
  • Custom Ethanol Extraction Systems
  • Custom Solvent Storage Tanks
  • Diamond Mining Reaction Tanks
  • Tube In Shell Heat Exchangers

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