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CORKEN T291 Oil-Free Gas Compressor Recovery Pump

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Corkin is a leading manufacturer of industrial pump and gas compression solutions and specializes in liquefied gas transfer and vapor recovery.

The Corken T-Style reciprocating gas compressor is oil free so there is no contamination of the process gas stream. A T-Style compressor has three sets of packing between the crankcase and compression chamber. Listed below are some of the features and benefits:

  • PTFE trim and nickel coated parts: Compatible with food grade materials
  • Faster recovery time: Allows more production runs
  • Zero psig evacuation pressure: Minimizes waste
  • Self-lubricating PTFE piston rings: Low friction design provides many hours of trouble-free service
  • Quiet operation: Suitable for indoor applications (approximately 85 dBa at three feet)Air compressor is not required: Space saving
  • Adjustable packing screw: Extends life of the packing
  • Cost effective: Does not require air compressor and pneumatic driver. Avoid possible air/propane cross contamination
  • Motor: UL and CSA compliant and suitable for Class 1, Division 1, Group C & D application
  • Optional purge kit available (Compatible with the 07-01-06 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regulations 40 CFR CH Section 264.10

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